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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Durable Medical Equipment (DME)?
What are DME Prosthetics and Orthotics?
Who qualifies for a DME products or services?
Who pays for the items?
Do I need a referral from my doctor?
What is a detailed prescription?
What should I do before I call to order supplies?
What should I expect to happen if I come into Synergy Medical Supply to order new supplies?
I am a Medicare or Medicaid recipient, do you work with these providers?
As a Medicare or Medicaid recipient, what are my eligibility requirements?
What types of medical equipment do you provide?
Do you provide respiratory services?
Will my insurance cover a lift chair?
Can I order a lift mechanism and convert my existing recliner chair?
Will my insurance cover a scooter?
Can I return the bath chair if I don’t like it or if it does not fit?
Can you move my existing chair or bed when you deliver my new equipment?
Can you dispose of my old/existing bed or chair when you deliver my new equipment?
Do you deliver?
Can Synergy Medical Supply fix my broken product?
I need further instruction in the operation of my medical equipment. Do you provide this?
My equipment is not functioning properly. What should I do?
I have questions about billing for my medical equipment and supplies. Who should I contact?

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